Why Attend TeCMEN Industry Day?

CareerSource Okaloosa-Walton booth at TeCMEN Industry Day

99% of participants in the 2022 TeCMEN Industry Day  would recommend the event to their peers.

Conference booth with display and visitors for TeCMEN Industry Day

Focused Exposure

Companies from around the country operating in the aerospace, defense, manufacturing, engineering, and technology sectors have found TID to provide an excellent venue for:

  • Highlighting existing products/capabilities
  • Rolling out new products & capabilities
  • Connecting with existing customers
  • Identifying new customers and industry partners

Results and Outcomes

Consider the following:

  • 83% of participants (both attendees and exhibitors) in the 2022 TeCMEN Industry Day reported making new contacts at the event that they believe could translate into new business!
  • When asked about their overall satisfaction level with the 2022 TeCMEN Industry Day, on a scale of 1-10 – with 10 being excellent – the average rating was 8.5 from exhibitors and 9.2 from attendees!

For Job Seekers and Hiring Managers

Although TeCMEN Industry Day is not a “job fair” in the traditional sense, both job seekers and companies alike have shared positive outcomes from their participation in TID.  In addition, thanks to a long-standing partnership with the HSU Educational Foundation, Okaloosa County School District and Rocky Bayou Christian School, students and school ambassadors from various high schools will be on hand at TID with an eye toward networking and learning about future internship and technical career opportunities.

TeCMEN Industry Day

Many professional service providers view TID as an opportunity to network with potential customers while also being seen as a partner that understands and prioritizes relationships with aerospace, defense, manufacturing, engineering, and technology businesses.

For Non-Technical Companies and Service Providers

While TeCMEN Industry Day is very much focused on the aforementioned sectors, non-technical companies and professional service providers (including banks, real estate firms, accountants and attorneys to name a few) regularly attend TeCMEN Industry Day.  They indicate that TID offers an excellent educational forum and helps better position them to meet the unique needs of their customers operating in these sectors.